Socks from medical sheep’s fur Basi


Fur socks BASI closed (Latin word basilius – sheep’s skin) are closed at toes and intended for persons with poor blood supply of their feet. Sheep’s fur regulates temperature by natural lanolin in all seasons. Closed socks have three touch fasteners for the correct fixing of the foot and at the same time well-being of the person who wears them.

Fur socks are available in following sizes:

  • 38 to 39,
  • 40 to 41,
  • 42 to 43,
  • 44 to 45,

while longer socks are made according to customer’s wishes.

The height of the socks is high above the ankle to offer stabilisation of the whole foot, without affecting the movement of the person in bed or on wheelchair.

Socks have outside seam to avoid pressure on heel, ankle and toes, while foot is perfectly safe against ulcers. Due to such sewing method fur socks adapt to foot’s damages and deformations on heel, ankle and toes.

Taking care of fur socks is possible by washing them at 30° Celsius with wool detergent and in washing machine using the wool programme. It is advisable to use a detergent containing lanolin to renew the lanolin wash on the fur.