Hospital overalls Patiens XL, XXL, XXXL


Hospital overalls PATIENS is made as a whole and is composed in the upper part of a blouse, in the lower part of trousers and fixed long stockings. Special function of stockings is to enable stabilisation of the fur stocking to the foot and at the same time it is important that the patient is safely covered. It is fastened by a strengthened zipper along the back side down to the buttock. Emphasis is on the system of putting clothes on uncovered parts of patients with incontinence and it enables a fast and easy technique of putting them on. For safety reasons the zipper is being covered by a tape with a button, which makes unzipping impossible and reduces the pressure of the clip on patient’s neck. Please feel free to click on the image and examine it closely to see tailoring details of the PATIENS overalls.

Technical data of hospital overalls PATIENS:

  • Cloth is 100 % cotton of ecological original with a certificate of a Slovene supplier in natural unbleached treatment,
  • Care instructions,
  • Permissible shrinking of maximum 7%.


Determining sizes and ordering system:

  • Women sizes from 34 to 54,
  • Men sizes from 38 to 70.

Hospital overalls PATIENS is catered for everyone who needs it, notwithstanding their non-standard body measures. In this case we prepare an offer with the best conditions of purchase.


NOTE: When ordering the hospital overalls PATIENS, please attach a table of measures for individual body parts and mark them, so that we can best possibly meet the needs of the user of the hospital overalls PATIENS, click here.
When you place order we prepare an offer or pro-forma invoice and after your confirmation you pay 30 % in advance, while the difference is paid up to delivery. We sell the Dona Naturae products with guarantee, care instructions and care during use.

Delivery within Slovenia is free of charge and abroad upon agreement.