Welcome to the world of DONA NATURAE!

We are delighted to introduce ourselves to you and invite you to our DONA NATURAE world. The team is comprised of two generations - Cvetka, Breda, Urška, Domen, Matija, Teja, Lea and Martina. We are creative, full of ideas and ready for challenges. Our ideas take form near Bled, the pearl of Slovenia, in the beautiful embrace of the mountains in the Upper Carniola (Gorenjska) region.

If you value natural materials then the products from our collection are just the thing for you. The heart of our line are the gifts of nature, testified by its Latin name – DONA NATURAE. They are included in our line with the respect they deserve.

Because nature is generous, constantly changing and full of surprises, we have decided to constantly add to our line of products. In order to surprise you each time you enter our DONA NATURAE world, our team is always in full creative swing. We will work hard to make sure that every new product in our line speaks to you and convinces you to use natural products.


Company name: Dona Naturae, Podjetniško svetovanje in posredništvo pri prodaji
Short name: Dona Naturae, Urška Cvenkel s.p.
Address: Ljubno 69, 4244 Podnart
Taxable person: NO
Registration number: 6682162000
Tax identification number: 86762036
IBAN: SI56-0700-0000-2305-489 (GB d.d. Kranj)
Type of organization: sole proprietor
Date of entry in Slovenian Business Register: 17. 9. 2014



Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is the world's leading certification, testing and inspection provider. It delivers services to meet its clients' needs in the fields of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility (QSHE).

Bureau Veritas has been accredited by major international and national services.



OETI (ÖTI - Institut für Ökologie, Technik und Innovation GmbH) – Institute for Ecology, OEKO-100_DNjpgTechnology and Innovations is located in Vienna, Austria. This respectable institution has been active in Central and Eastern Europe for nearly 50 years.

The international Oeko-Tex corporation has been testing textile products since 1992 and certifying products that are not health-endangering.

Textile products are sorted into one of four classes, considering their intended use. If a product has a larger contact with skin, the standards it needs to achieve are set much higher.

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